Friday, December 4, 2015

Vegan… Paleo….Omnivorous…. What Diet Do You Eat?

There are so many types of daily diets out there. What category do you fall into?
This  is when you consume both plant and animal based foods. This is probably the most common type of diet.
This is when your diet contains strictly animal flesh [meat]. No to many  people are carnivorous.
Lacto-ovo Vegetarian
This is the most common type of vegetarian diets. This diet does not include any type of animal flesh [meat], but does include the by-products of cows and chickens in the forms of milk and eggs.
Lacto Vegetarian
This is a Vegetarian diet [no animal flesh] with NO milk or eggs.
This is a very strict and very pure form of vegetarianism. No animal products are consumed at all. [many vegans will not even use animal products or by-products in any form, including clothes, beauty and household items]
A philosophy of life centered around a diet originally brought to this country from Japan by George Ohsawa. This diet consists almost exclusively of cooked foods, as raw foods are felt to be difficult to digest and too cooling for the system. Less than 5% of the diet is consumed fruits and those should be cooked. Dairy foods and eggs are usually avoided. The only animal products recommended are white fish such as halibut, trout and sole, and these are to be kept at less than 5% of the diet.  Thus leaving this a mostly vegetarian diet.
Raw Foods
This diet consists of uncooked whole foods in their most potentially nutritious state.
Natural Hygiene
This diet is an ancient system of a raw foods diet supported by cleansing the colon and occasional fasting.
This diet consists of simply fruits.
Natural/Whole Foods
This diet consists of the foods that nature provides in their natural state. [no additives]
These are just a few of today’s daily diet types that are available for you to pick from. They are far from all of them.

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