Friday, December 4, 2015

Ten Reasons To Work From Home

Here Are 10 Reasons You May Want To Consider Working From Home
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You Control Your Schedule:
One of the biggest perks of working from home. You are able to set your own work hours to meet the needs of your personal and family life.
Youre Home For Your Children
Working from home allows you to be home with your kids. You have flexibility in your schedule, which allows you to put your family before your employer.
Get Paid To Do Something You Love
With so many different home based business opportunities, you can find something that you are passionate about and love doing.
No More Commuting
Americans spend an average of $386 per month on gas. Cutting down on a daily commute would put some of that $1500 a month back in your pocket. Working from home eliminate your morning commute.
You Control Your Income
The Law of Cause and Effect states that the amount of time and energy put into something will directly impact its output. This also applies to your home business. The more time and energy you devote to finding new customers and marketing your business will directly result your profit levels. You have the ultimate control of your outcome and your income.
Tax Benefits$$
Working from home gives you incredible tax benefits. You can write off equipment, supplies and even a portion of your home or car if it is appropriate.
No More Work Clothes or Suits
No more blazers and dress pants. You can wear whatever the heck you want. You can even work in your pajamas from bed if so desire.
No More Boss
No more worrying about being late. No more worrying about having to call in sick or leave early. No more needing to have leave time approved.
You’ll Be Happier
There is a direct link between personal satisfaction and happiness. When you are doing what you love and/or receiving results in direct correlation with your efforts, you are destined to be happier. This happiness and satisfaction will permeate all areas of your life. You will be more pleasant to be around, you will exhibit greater patience, and those who are happier, live longer.
Learn New Skills And Grow Professionally
In a home business, you manage the whole picture. From business set-up to customer care to marketing. This requires new skills and involves incredible amounts of learning and growth.

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