Friday, December 4, 2015

Does Your J.O.B Pay You 5 Different Ways?

So what exactly is Total Life Changes? 

Total Life Changes or TLC for short is a network marketing company that sells a range of different natural, nutritional supplements and beauty care products.
Total Life Changes has created the most powerful Hybrid Binary compensation plan in the industry. It has been engineered to quickly compensate you for introducing new reps to TLC’s products and business opportunity and also create a lucrative residual income for your continued hard work. Let’s
explore what our compensation plan has to offer and why it’s so powerful.

Five different ways to earn with TLC

Retail Customer Profits & Commissions
Total Life Changes™ (TLC) offers you the opportunity to establish a base of customers whose purchases generate retail profits as well as commissionable volume that will help build your commissions. Your personal networking skills, coupled with online marketing options
available will generate people who will buy the products, even if they do not have the desire to become an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

Fast-Start Bonus
As an Independent Business Owner with Total Life Changes™, you can receive a 50% commission from the first order (with commissionable volume) from your personally referred IBO. Each new person you refer is eligible for this program and commissions are paid weekly.

Binary Pay
As your team grows, you will receive Binary commissions from not only those people you have personally referred, but from the purchases of the people they have referred as well. A “Binary”, meaning two, is simply having two teams, a left team and a right team that grow from
you and others who add new IBO’s that order products. Also, your business associates may help in creating additional commissionable volume by placing new IBO’s on your team. You will
be paid a percentage, ranging from 10% to 25% based on your lesser team (weak leg) commissionable volume. These commissions are paid weekly with a $20,000 binary cap.

Matching Bonus
This bonus program rewards the commitment to refer others and help them succeed. You will receive additional commissions up to a 50% match of what your personally referred IBOs earn from their Binary commission, as well as up to a 50% match of what their personally referred IBOs earn from their Binary commission. This is also paid weekly.

Lifestyle Bonus
TLC realizes that as your business grows so do your expenses. Once all qualifications have been met to earn the Lifestyle bonus, TLC will reimburse IBO’s up to $1,500 to help offset these costs. This bonus will be paid monthly.


There are several reasons for joining Total Life Changes™, the most dramatic is the absence of fees and major purchase requirements. There is no charge or signing fee to become a member of TLC. Your very first order will assign you a rep number, provide you with a free website, and entitle you to participate in TLC’s lucrative commission plan. The first of two qualifications to earn commissions is that you order a TLC product that creates at least 40 PCV. This can be achieved by purchasing
a one-month supply of one of TLC’s products; for example, Iaso™Tea or Nutra Burst™. Each of these products has a corresponding volume that will qualify you to earn commissions.
Remaining qualified to earn commissions on customer and downline purchases requires the personal purchase of a qualifying product with volume of 40 PCV on the monthly anniversary date of your previous order, this may vary from 28-31 days depending on the month. Commissions are paid on the assigned volume value. A single monthly purchase of 40 PCV qualifies you to earn commissions from the retail, fast start, and binary pay bonuses

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